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High School.

High School

seniorfriendsThe mission of our secondary school program at St-Laurent Academy is to ensure each individual student’s pathway to the university or college of their choice.

Implementing new and diversified approaches to learning is our standard. Our enriched curriculum is tailored to each student. We schedule at least 10% more instructional hours than required by the Ontario Ministry of Education into every one of our high school courses. Opportunities are also available for intensive study, in which students are able to obtain an extra credit per year. We also offer multiple French streams, from core to extended, to accommodate all learners. ESL (English Language Learners) is available to meet the need of our growing international student body.

Building on our elementary program, St-Laurent Academy’s secondary program provides students with even more experiential learning. Learning takes place outside as much as in our walls. Through our outdoor classroom at the Macoun March, consistent field trips or our partnerships within local communities, students are pushed to see the real-world application of what they learn. Global citizenship is emphasized through the two international trips offered each year.

We also build into our curriculum ways for students to gain designations beyond their course credits or their diploma. By graduation, students will have received certification for First Aid, CPR and WHMIS.

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