St-Laurent Academy Leadership

Focused on Student Success, our Leadership Team collaborates to ensure more innovation, more shared knowledge and a more positive school climate.

Mr. Bill Kokkaliaris

CEO & School Director

Mr. Kokkaliaris is the CEO and School Director of St-Laurent Academy. He oversees the Daycare, Elementary, and High School Programs. Our Daycare Supervisors, Administration, Elementary and High School teachers report to Mr. Kokkaliaris. Mr. Kokkaliaris also chairs our Leadership Team whom he depends on for curriculum oversight, student success, business operations, and marketing and communications. Mr. Kokkaliaris, oversees School (Kindergarten – Grade 12) and Daycare Admissions as required. Bill Kokkaliaris has a highly regarded success record working with faculty, parents, and children since 2005. A dedicated parent of three, and a committed educator, he is appreciated for his hands-on leadership, and responsiveness. Mr. Kokkaliaris consistently encourages the engagement of staff and parents to maximize student involvement and learning. Mr. Kokkaliaris’ core values of life-long learning and his entrepreneurial spirit guide St-Laurent Academy’s vision to support enriched academic learning, athletic skills, personalized learning, and creativity. In the spring of 2015, Mr. Kokkaliaris completed the Private School Principals Program, at York University, Faculty of Education.

Ms. Andrea Crupi

Assistant School Director & Admissions

With the guidance of the School Director, Ms. Crupi supports the day to day running of school operations and programs. Ms. Crupi is responsible for introducing prospective families to St-Laurent Academy, and oversees the application process for new students from Kindergarten to grade 12. All orientations, communications, student visits, and offers of admissions are communicated through Ms. Crupi. When not interacting with students, parents, and colleagues, Ms. Crupi heads school wide communications, fundraising initiatives, school events and marketing. Upon completion of her Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa, Ms. Crupi graduated with honours from Trent University with a Degree in Primary/ Junior Education. She maintains her teaching certification and is actively involved with the students at St-Laurent Academy. Ms. Crupi brings extensive knowledge and experience in planning, organizing and implementing educational and fun programs for children of all ages. Ms. Crupi has been with St-Laurent Academy for 11 years.

Ms. Colleen Long

Principal of Elementary School (JK - Grade 6)

As part of the St-Laurent Team, for 6 years, Ms. Long brings with her a B.A. with an honours in Canadian Literature from the University of Manitoba, a B.Ed from McGill, with a focus on elementary and junior education streams, as well as experience within the business community, providing Human Resources consulting. She has taught, mentored and led teams within both the public and private sectors, built programs/departments for students and schools regarding special needs, and has an ability to help her students find their confidence, develop their strengths and genuinely love learning.

Mr. Tim Mook Sang

Principal of Junior High and High School (Grade 7 - 12)

Tim Mook Sang studied at the University of Northern British Columbia (BA) and Ottawa University (BEd). He started his career in education in 2010, working for an independent school in Montreal. He joined the team at St-Laurent Academy in September, 2015. Mr. Mook Sang is currently the head of the high school program at St-Laurent Academy. Alongside teaching, he works with parents, teachers and students to ensure student success, and to help students create and fulfil their academic pathways.

Mr. Andrew MacNeil

Athletic Director

Mr. MacNeil is in charge of our Physical Education program from Kindergarten through Grade 12, as well as our athletics program, overseeing all our sports teams which include soccer, cross country, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, golf, tennis, and track and field. Originally from Cape Breton Island, Mr. MacNeil attended Mount Allison University in New Brunswick for his undergrad degree and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland for his education degree. He has worked with children in the United Kingdom, the United States, and several parts of Canada both in the classroom and the sports field. Mr. MacNeil is currently in his 18th year of teaching and his 9th year at St-Laurent Academy.

Mrs. Kate Wigston

Vice-Principal of Junior High and High School (Grade 7 - 12)

Kate Wigston began her career in education in 2007. After graduating from Nipissing University with a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior Division, and a further speciality in Senior Humanities, she moved to England where she worked as a teacher and Resource Coordinator for 10 years, before returning to Canada. With additional qualifications in special educational needs (University of London, Institute of Education) and guidance counselling (Queens University), and a background in the humanities and social sciences, Kate teaches senior level humanity courses, as well as guidance related courses including Careers and Civics. Kate is the Vice Principal of grades 7 through 12, which includes the Guidance and Resource departments, where support is given to all students as they work towards academic, social, athletic and post-secondary goals. In her fifth year at St-Laurent Academy, Kate continues to work closely alongside the other members of the leadership team, teaching team and families.

Mrs. Gisèle Umurungi

Daycare Supervisor

Since joining St-Laurent Academy, Mrs. Umurungi has had the privilege of working in the Daycare as a classroom Educator and is currently the Daycare Supervisor. She prides herself in building strong relationships with Daycare families and children, as well as instilling her passion for teaching to the Daycare Educators. Mrs. Umurungi, works hard to deliver exceptional child care programs, in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development for each and every child in the Daycare centre.