All Levels French Programs

Daycare (Infant-Toddler-Preschool)
At St-Laurent Academy our French program begins with our very youngest students. In the Daycare, educators speak to the children in both French and English, encouraging the development of both languages. It is a truly bilingual experience. On entry into our preschool, parents may choose to continue in the bilingual program or move into a dedicated French classroom.

JK – Grade 2
The goal of learning French during these early years is to provide students with a positive learning experiences that are interesting, meaningful and relevant. Students begin with oral communication, games, songs, interactive activities and the reinforcement of daily routines. Alongside acquiring the language, they will also learn about French culture and Les Francophonie.

Students in JK – Grade 2 have five French classes per week. Four of their daily Physical Education classes, and all Drama and Visual Art classes are taught in French.

Grade 3 – 8
For students in these later elementary years, our programs offer an opportunity for success regardless of where students are at in their acquisition of the language. Our Core French program follows the expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education Core French curriculum. Students, however, are offered both Core and Extended French.

Extended French: As of September 2017, we are offering an extended French program. This program is aimed at those students who are currently exceeding the expectations for the Core program, and who also have strong English language skills. Students in the extended French program have three additional French classes per week. Admission to the program is based on student needs and approval from our senior French teacher.

Core and Advanced French: As of September 2017, our French classes are divided into two streams: Care and Advanced. To accommodate our Francophone and international student body, students are assigned to a stream according to their previous French experience and academic standing.

Grade 9 – 12
Our French program continues all the way through secondary school. To continue with our approach of meeting the needs of each individual learner, multiple streams are offered.If you are an international family who is only being introduced to French, we have our Open program for new learners. For students who meet the minimum 600 hours of French study prior to Grade 9, we offer an Academic-level program. Students that have met the minimum of 1260 hours of French instruction or equivalent can participate in our Extended French program. Students not wishing to learn French have the option to take an equivalent language credit of their choice.