At St-Laurent Academy we see a world of possibility inside every child.

St-Laurent Academy implements new and diversified approaches to learning to ensure student success. We foster creativity alongside physical activity, and academics with global citizenship for a balanced education. We are a dynamic and nimble school that operates classrooms both in our facility and online, a school that successfully adapts to the constantly changing environment that we all must navigate.

St-Laurent Academy’s building is nestled in a residential area just outside downtown, in Ottawa’s Rideau-Rockliffe ward. Founded in 2005, we have been partnering with parents ever since to meet the needs of our students. We work to accommodate all learning styles in English and French, ensuring rich personalized learning in a closely-knit school community of approximately 200 families. Our award-winning programs feature strong academics, arts and physical education.

Our programs at St-Laurent Academy range from daycare through high school. Each level is specially designed to bridge to the next, ideally providing students an academic pathway from early childhood education to elementary school, which prepares them for high school and then on to the university or college of their choice. All programs have enriched curricula taught by specialists. Our facilities and resources are constantly updated and renovated to meet the highest standards of today’s rapidly changing education system. To meet the needs of our growing international student body, we have multiple streams for students to learn French or English as a second – or often third – language.

Outside of the programs offered in our facility, St-Laurent Academy offers education online through our virtual classroom. Our online programs include core elementary courses as well as high school courses in which a student will earn credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Our primary focus is the success of each individual student as they strive to achieve their goals.

At St-Laurent Academy, our mission is:

  • To maximize personalized student academic success in our friendly and caring school community.
  • To cultivate our international student community, in which all students are emotionally supported and socially welcomed.
  • To support respectful awareness of international cultural diversity and values, within our Canadian community.