Kindergarten & Grade 1: Sharing Our Learning – Cross Grade & Cross Curriculum!

Spotlight on Grade 2

Recently the SK/Grade 1 Class has been exploring very simple forms of expository writing. As part of a shared language experience we made paper gingerbread persons.  The students had to write instructions as to how to make this craft. We then invited the Junior Kindergarten Class into our room.

SK/Grade 1 students were tasked with reading their instructions to their partner and teaching them how to make the craft.  This was a great way to show the students that writing has a purpose.  Never ones to shy away from experimenting, we mixed molasses with red paint in the hope that our craft would have a gingerbread scent!

A huge thank you to the Junior Kindergarten class for being such good students and also to my class for being such wonderful teachers.  You helped when necessary and let your students explore their creativity.