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Values and Approach Daycare.

Daycare Curriculum

St-Laurent Academy Childcare prides itself on offering a diversified curriculum to accommodate most children.

Preschool Garden

Our childcare programs are enriched with music, science, art and daily sports programming.

At St-Laurent Academy, we respect each individual and recognize their diverse and unique family values and backgrounds. We emphasize everyone’s ability to succeed in whatever they undertake, and provide them with opportunities to do so.

We address the whole child through play, structured learning activities, child-centered exploration, and daily sport activities. While developing intellectual, artistic, kinesthetic, and social abilities, we educate the children about the importance of self-respect and respect for others.

Social & Emotional Development

We nurture each child’s social and emotional development through fun games and activities where they will learn to take turns, play collaboratively, and express their feelings. They will also learn to build positive relationships with peers and adults and to increase their self-esteem and self confidence.

Physical Development

At St-Laurent Academy, we believe a strong body leads to a strong mind. Our Daycare students have DAILY sessions of sports programming. Our physical education curriculum has been designed to build strong motor skills in a warm and nurturing environment. Each child will receive individual attention and progress at their own pace, while being exposed daily to a wide variety of activities, such as creative movement, gymnastics, sports, dance, yoga, martial arts, skating, and games.

Cognitive Development

Young children are aware of their surroundings and interested in exploring and learning actively. Through our developmental approach and use of hands-on learning experiences they are able to gather, sort, and process information, and then use that data to develop perceptive and thinking skills.

Preschool Science

Preschool Science

Once a week our Preschool aged children have Science class. The children are introduced to astronomy, biology, geology through fun hands-on activities, orchestrated by our science specialist. Highly interactive science stories spark their interest in learning more about the world around them, from the very small to the very large wonders of the world. Our preschoolers also visit our Outdoor Classroom at Macoun Marsh to experience first hand the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting our environment. Visit our blog to read about some of the fantastic science classes we have.


Language & Math Development

Through our engaging educational learning centers a child’s natural curiosity to explore topics and develop skills is fostered. These key areas are the building blocks for their future education, so must be nurtured from a young age in a fun and creative manner.

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