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Resource Programs.

Resource Programs

For Resource:

At St-Laurent Academy, our Resource Program offers a warm and supportive environment for students to receive out-of-class instruction and guidance to supplement their regular curriculum. Students in the Resource Program receive specialized one-on-one support delivered by a specialist teacher using a variety of tools and assistive technology. The resource team also works very closely with outside agencies and class teachers to ensure that learning is accessible and engaging for all pupils. Our goal is to provide students the support they need to become successful, autonomous learners.

For Barton: 

St-Laurent Academy proudly implements the Barton System to resolve issues concerning spelling, reading and writing. The Barton System was initially develop address to learning struggles related to dyslexia. It is Orton Gillingham influenced, which is a structured language approach that is different in both what is taught (reading and spelling are taught as related subjects) and how it is taught (the methodology).

Our system is a multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured and sequential program designed for intense intervention. The progress that we have witnessed firsthand implementing the Barton System over the history of our school is astounding. For more information, testimonials and a demo, please visit


To accommodate our rapidly growing international student body, English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Literacy Development (ESD) is offered to students to assist in learning English and to increase English academic skills. ESL and ELD support is available to students born outside Canada from a non-English speaking country and to students born in Canada who speak a second language. Both our junior and senior levels follow the Ministry of Ontario Curriculum and focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and orientation. Students who take part in our ESL/ELL programs, work in a small group with a specialized instructor, four classes per week. The ESL teacher works closely with classroom teachers to ensure accommodations are implemented to benefit each individual learner.

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