Values and Approach (Grade 9-12)

St-Laurent Academy High School offers our students an enriched curriculum in English, for all learning styles, in small classes of no more than 15 students.

Enriched curriculum including the arts, music, science and daily athletics, and specialized core teachers challenge our students cognitively, emotionally and physically. At St-Laurent Academy, students develop a life-long love of learning, and there is an opportunity for every student to shine.

Why St-Laurent Academy?

We nurture every child’s full potential

We offer a rich curriculum including the arts, music and athletics. Students are challenged to grow cognitively, emotionally and physically. There is an opportunity for every child to shine, and we celebrate success in all of our students’ endeavors.

We engage every child

By using multiple approaches during the teaching process, we encourage students to become more engaged in their learning and thus gain greater achievement and joy from our learning community. We encourage student curiosity and self-awareness. We nurture a life-long love of learning.

We are innovative, flexible and sensitive

Our innovative, flexible teachers ensure that all students are challenged and motivated. At our school, lessons extend beyond the classroom, and assessment approaches go beyond standardized tests. Our teachers are sensitive to the different learning styles and emotional needs of our students; they are caring and compassionate.

We offer a safe learning environment

Within our small close-knit classrooms, students feel safe to confidently stretch their wings and take risks, challenging themselves to grow. They learn to collaborate and to respect and appreciate diversity in their classmates.