Athletics JK-8

We believe that physical activity benefits mind, body and spirit, and hope to inspire our students to make physical activity a part of their daily routine.  Our program is taught by a Phys Ed Specialist. Four days per week classes are held in our full-size gymnasium or outside in our soccer field, where students are engaged in both fitness and sport. Once a week, healthy living and nutrition is covered in a classroom setting. These lessons sometimes involve guest speakers or visits from organisations such as Planned Parenthood. We also take Phys Ed field trips throughout the year, to have students experience activities like rock climbing and skiing.

Physical Education has always been a pillar of St-Laurent Academy’s balanced philosophy of education.

  • Taught by a Phys Ed Specialist , our Kindergarten – Grade 8 students have Phys Ed every day, and focus on skill development for a wide range of sports and activities. The classes also promote personal fitness and regularly contain activities designed to promote flexibility, strength, and endurance. 
  • Our daily Phys Ed is comprised of four days per week in our full-size gymnasium and the fifth day, usually Fridays, being our enriched Phys Ed program. On this day, students partake in many different types of age appropriate activities in a variety of locations around the city such as: The Ottawa Athletic Club, Starr Gymnastics, and NCR Crossfit. These activities allow our students to use fantastic facilities as well as have instruction from specialists at that location. 
  • Another important facet of our athletics program are the athletic field trips which take place throughout the year and include the Pumpkin Run Cross Country Race, Ski Day, and the St-Laurent Academy Track and Field Meet held at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. 
  • Our school is a member of the Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association (OISAA) which offers our athletic teams the opportunity to compete against other schools in many sports such as Soccer, Badminton, Basketballl, Volleyball, and Track and Field.
  • Healthy Living and Nutrition are part of the Physical Education curriculum.