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Athletics JK-8.



We believe that physical activity benefits mind, body and spirit, and hope to inspire our students to make physical activity as part of their daily routine.  Our program is taught by a Phys Ed Specialist. Four days per week classes are held in our full-size gymnasium or outside in our soccer field, where students are engaged in both fitness and sport. Once a week, healthy living and nutrition is covered in a classroom setting. These lessons sometimes involve guest speakers or visits from orgnisations such as Planned Parenthood. We also take Phys Ed field trips throughout the year, to have students experience activities like rock climbing and skiing.

Physical Education has always been a pillar of St-Laurent Academy’s balanced philosophy of education.

  • Taught by a Phys Ed Specialist , our Kindergarten – Grade 8 students have PhysEd every day, and focus on skill development for team sports including soccer, ringette and basketball, and personal fitness activities including gymnastics, yoga and Tae-Kwon Do.
  • Four days per week classes are held in our full-size gymnasium or outside in our soccer field, where students are mastering skills necessary for a number of traditional sports including: basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball, lacrosse and floor hockey, as well as pursuing personal fitness activities including Yoga and Tae-Kwon Do.
  • Students are also offered 1 session weekly offsite at the St-Laurent Complex or The Ottawa Athletic Club, which can include activities such as swimming, skating, squash, golf, tennis, aerobics, circuit training, and spinning
  • Special activities including Camp Fortune ski/snowboard days, the Pumpkin Cross Country Run, and an annual Soccer Jamboree are also enjoyed by our students.
  • Healthy Living and Nutrition are also covered in PhysEd.
  • Our membership in the Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association, offers students a number of larger competitive and smaller friendly tournaments throughout the school year.















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