Junior School (Grade 1 to 5)

Our youngest school-aged children form close relationships with their core teachers, creating a sense of safety and security. This facilitates our Junior School students to explore the possibilities around them in an engaging and challenging way. Student teacher ratio 15/1 for all core subjects,  allowing differentiation and individual attention for each child. Science, Art, Music and Daily PhysEd are taught by specialists, whose passion is contagious!

Teachers at St-Laurent Academy use hands-on, multi-sensory, audio visual, online, digital media, as well as other strategies to reach every one of their students. Guided by the principles of the Multiple Intelligences Theory (MI Theory) our students are actively engaged with all their senses in every subject. Learning through the different intelligences helps to enhance and strengthen learning experiences, and ultimately brings a sense of pride and achievement to our school community.

Core teachers cover the curriculum for Language Arts, Math & Social Studies. Often inter-connected, these core subjects provide a strong base for further learning. Our teaching staff works hard to ensure every child is reached in these critical subject areas.

Social Studies is a very exciting and hands-on subject at St-Laurent Academy. Children are naturally interested in the world around them, so we engage all of their senses by digging deeply into the history and geography of the world. Classroom learning occurs in creative and stimulating environments and is further enhanced by special presentations and field trips to the many cultural and historical attractions offered in the National Capital region and beyond.

Science is a much-loved class by the majority of our students. It is richly explored with all the senses, beginning in Preschool. St-Laurent Academy offers a variety of science-based resources. Students will experience hands-on learning in such facilities as our indoor Greenhouse and Butterfly Conservatory, Science/Chemistry Lab, or our state of the Art Science Classroom. Students also regularly visit our outdoor classroom at Macoun Marsh. This very unique location is the perfect environment to learn about nature, in nature. Learn more about our award-winning environmental science program.

Computer technology is taught in our newly equipped computer lab, and is integrated into our curriculum. Students also benefit from interactive SmartBoard lessons, and use of our i-pads. Personal laptop and tablet use also supports some childrens’ personal learning style and best educational outcome. We embrace technology, and continuously explore its benefits to extend the learning of our students.

Physical Education is offered daily to our students either in our fully equipped gymnasium or weather permitting, at Forbes Park, which is connected to the school. The students participate in weekly off-site activities at the Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC), where they receive instruction in squash, tennis, golf, and circuit training. We also participate in activities with other Independent schools.

Character Development & Social Skills:In a fun and active environment, core teachers lead their students through examinations of topics as varied as the importance of literacy, community, organizational skills, social skills, and the development of strong character and good values. An emphasis on the theory of multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles helps each child more fully understand themselves as learners to better equip them for future success.