Bilingual Kindergarten

The French kindergarten program at St-Laurent Academy nurtures and prepares students for elementary school. Through direct teaching and play in a caring and safe environment, kindergarten students build healthy learning habits and form a strong base for their academic years ahead.

The kindergarten program at St-Laurent Academy is bilingual. Students take class in both English and French as they learn the fundamentals that will serve them for their lives ahead. Numerous studies have proven the importance of acquiring a second language at a young age when they are better at mimicking and adopting pronunciation, and while the brain is more open to new patterns.

Our kindergarten teachers form very close attachments with their students, building the security and confidence necessary for children at this age to learn to their potential in our full day program. Student teacher ratio 15/1 in all core subjects, allowing differentiation and individual attention for each child. Our core teachers are responsible for Language Arts, Math, social development skills, and we feature DAILY Phys Ed for all of our students! Kindergarten students have specialist teachers for Music, and Science weekly. These subjects are enriched far beyond the Ontario Curriculum.

It is so important for our children to get started out on the right track.