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Elementary & Middle School Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Elementary & Middle School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8

At St-Laurent Academy, we have a maximum of 15 students per class, guaranteeing a student to teacher ratio that provides students with the attention they deserve. Our caring and knowledgeable teachers offer new and diversified approaches to learning, incorporating a universal design that is tailored to students’ multiple intelligences. Our tight-knit faculty work together to guide students from kindergarten through high school. School wide themes and activities allow horizontal alignment through interaction, collaboration, and teamwork among all grade levels.

Communication with parents and students is important to maintain student success. Communication software such as Google Classroom and Google Drive are utilized to ensure easy correspondence between parents, administration and teachers. Parents and students can easily access school events and monthly calendars online. Our senior grades take advantage of technology in the classroom by using our environmentally-conscious paperless system.

Our elementary school program promotes a safe and healthy environment. We teach healthy relationships. Daily physical education is incorporated into every grade level. We also offer multiple French streams from core to extended to accommodate all learners. ESL (English Language Learners) is available to meet the need of our growing international student body.

Annual field trips include exploration around the city of Ottawa through museums and outdoor activities. Global citizenship is emphasized through the two international trips offered each year.

St-Laurent Academy has the facilities to meet the needs for all Elementary programs. These continually updated facilities include:

  • Full-sized gym with change rooms
  • Computer lab outfitted with Mac computers
  • Science lab
  • Greenhouse with butterfly conservatory
  • Art studio
  • Teaching kitchen
  • Music room
  • Outdoor classroom at the Macoun Marsh
  • Bright, large classrooms with Smartboards and TVs

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