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Uniform Ordering

School uniforms are mandatory for St-Laurent Academy students, beginning in preschool. Uniforms can be ordered from Lands End online or by phone, and they will be delivered to your home. Lands End is known for excellent quality and great customer service, and throughout the year they offer many promotions. Be sure to add yourself to their email list for notifications on promotions for school uniforms.

*Please refer to this Daycare Uniform PDF outlining the uniform selections.

Ordering Online

Newly introduced in 2017, Lands End has created separate websites for our daycare program (St-Laurent Academy Daycare) and elementary school program (St-Laurent Academy). You will find a link below that will take you directly to the school uniform options available for your child.

Use this Lands End link to order Daycare Uniforms.

When ordering uniforms for multiple schools (preschool, elementary, high school) please begin with products for one school, and then click the CHANGE SCHOOL button to add items pertaining to the next St-Laurent Academy school to your shopping cart.

Ordering By Phone

Should you need assistance or experience any difficulties, please call 1-800-469-2222. Customer service representatives are available on a 24/7 basis to help you.

Daycare Uniform


There are many ways that parents can volunteer at St-Laurent Academy Daycare. Please contact our Daycare Program Supervisor to find an upcoming opportunity:

Alsace Abboud, Daycare Program Supervisor
613-842-8047, 223

Health Policies

The following policies are in place for the health and safety of all students and staff, as well as to reduce the spread of illness:

  • If a child’s fever reaches 38.5 C/101 F, a parent will be called to pick them up immediately.
  • If a child has diarrhea more than twice in one day, a parent will be called to pick them up immediately.
  • If a child vomits, a parent will be called to pick them up immediately.
  • If a child is unusually lethargic and cannot participate in classroom activities, a parent will be called to retrieve them.
  • If a child has any two of the following symptoms, a parent will be called to pick them up immediately: fever, cough, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat, green nasal discharge, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Students must stay home until their fever has been absent for 24 hours. They should only return to school when they are symptom-free (other than a residual cough) and able to participate in daily activities. If in doubt, please consult with a doctor before returning to school. Should we detect a rash or other skin lesion, a parent will be called to pick up their child. A child can only return to the classroom when they are rash-free or with a doctor’s note.

Parent Manual

To learn more about our programs and policies view our parent manual.

View the Manual