The Value of a Co-Ed Education

The Value of a Co-Ed Education

As a parent, you have many important decisions to weigh when it comes to choosing the right school for your child. Should you choose public or private? What type of environment will offer the most enriched academic experiences and help your child thrive? Another important decision to weigh is whether a single-gender or co-educational setting is most appropriate for your child. At St-Laurent Academy, we believe a co-ed environment is ideal for enhancing the education experience for our students.

The Research Speaks for Itself

A 2014 study about co-ed versus single-sex education revealed “only trivial differences between students in SS versus CE, for mathematics performance and science performance” and “in some cases showed small differences favoring CE schooling.”

According to a 2006 study “”Perceptions and Attitudes of Students toward their Academic and Social Experiences in Canadian High Schools,” 79% of parents surveyed agree that independent co-ed school better reflect the diversity of Canadian society and better prepare students to enter the workforce. Students have the same positive associations with co-ed schooling: 71% or respondents feel that the environment is inclusive, while 88% feel that co-ed is the safest environment with the lowest instances of harassment and bullying.

Self-Assessment By Students

  • Co-ed students feel more confident expressing their viewpoints in front of peers of both genders.
  • Co-ed students are more likely to respect opposite-sex peers compared with students attending single-sex schools.
  • Co-ed students have an easier time making friends with opposite-sex peers.
  • Co-ed students enjoy the opportunity to participate in both single-sex and opposite-sex activities.
  • Female students at co-ed schools are more likely to ask questions, contribute to discussions, and voice their views – even more than so that female students at all-girl schools.
  • Female students maintain the same high perception of their abilities in math and science in a co-ed environment compared with an all-girl environment.

Strong Intellectual and Social Abilities

Boys and girls in independent co-ed environments are more likely to report positive self-image. Students are more likely to be socially well adjusted and thrive on the challenge of a diverse environment. The expression of a wide range of viewpoints, values, lifestyles, and opinions fosters the best learning and social environment possible.

Real World Preparation

A co-ed environment encourages students to work together and learn from each other socially, intellectually, and emotionally. A co-ed environment best reflects the diversity of the real world, both in the workforce and in most post-secondary opportunities. Students are also presented with the opportunity to learn from male and female role models and to be exposed to a wider variety of leadership styles.

St-Laurent Academy is a leading co-ed private school in Ottawa. We offer elementary school, junior high school, and high school programs in a co-ed setting. Space is limited, so book your visit to learn more about our school and enroll for the 2016-17 academic year.