St-Laurent Academy Got Even Better This Summer

St-Laurent Academy Got Even Better This Summer

St-Laurent Academy has been a busy place during July and August!

We have had workers installing, building and renovating all over the building. The results have been amazing!


Our Fitness Room

The fitness room is located at the end of the gym hallway and has both cardio and strength machines, in addition to free weights. Mr. MacNeil is very excited to begin incorporating the room into his PE classes for our junior high and high school students.


Dance/Music Room

Our new dance/music room is located at the end of our main hallway and boasts a hardwood floor as well as all our musical instruments. It is the perfect space


Google Expedition

Google Expedition

A new technology component we are very excited over is our brand new set of Google Expeditions. Located on the second floor, our Google Expedition room will allow our students to explore places all over the world using virtual reality. Our teachers had an introduction this week and they left very impressed as well as excited to incorporate them into their classes.


Backyard Playground

outside playground

We have fenced off the back area of our school and had playground lines installed (jogging track, hopscotch, four square and a mini basketball court) for our students to enjoy at break times. This is in addition to some picnic tables in the same area allowing teachers to take students outside when they think some fresh air would be good for their class!


New Washrooms

Our washrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor have been completely renovated with ventilation systems, self-flush toilets and automatic hand dryers.

In addition to these new changes, we also have a new space for our tech room, a new space for swap shop (Mr. Leveille loves it!), brand new classrooms complete with smart boards, and plenty more!

We can’t wait for our students to see them on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 5th.

See you then!