Spotlight on Grade 2

Spotlight on Grade 2

Many people choose teaching as a profession, Lisa Wright however, believes teaching chose her. “My father was a teacher. Growing up I always saw our dinner table covered in students’ work, tests, and lesson plans. I just always knew I would be doing that too.”

Originally from Ottawa, Lisa went to Carleton University for her bachelors degree and Ottawa U for her education degree. She then lectured at Algonquin College in the Communications field, while authoring two children’s books (with plans for a third). “Even though I do enjoy other aspects of education and learning, teaching is where my heart is. That is why I was so fortunate when I found St-Laurent Academy, it was exactly what I was looking for.”

Currently enjoying her second year at the school, Lisa is the grade 2 homeroom teacher. “Grade 2 is a really great age. They are beginning to leave junior school but at the same time, they are still becoming independent learners. In math, we are using numbers in real life situations; through aspects like time and money. And this is complimented by using online math programs like Mathletics. And in language arts we just started a novel study on Stuart Little, the kids are loving it!” One aspect of the school that Lisa is also enjoying, something she didn’t anticipate when she began teaching, is the international flavour St-Laurent Academy offers. “As we are getting to the holiday season, I am very excited to add more creative writing pieces to reflect our different backgrounds. Having a large percentage of my students from other countries really creates a lot of possibilities. Kids working collaboratively and speaking to each other on something they know well, is a huge positive for my students!”student playing game on computer

St-Laurent Academy, with its importance on students being active, also allows Lisa to indulge in her passion for sport. “I’ve been playing Gaelic football since high school, it is such an amazing game.” Lisa has represented Canada in international tournaments and has also refereed at the highest levels. “My students receive daily PE on top of two outdoor recess breaks. I love that my students are always active, I undoubtedly see the benefits in the classroom. Plus, I am also able to introduce aspects of Gaelic Football from time to time. You never know, they may just learn to love the game like I do!”