Heroes, Myths & Legends Oh MY!

Heroes, Myths & Legends Oh MY!

Every class was represented at our Heroes Myths & Legends showcase, and it was evident the students were very engaged with this theme.  Our second school-wide theme for this school year, we were pleased with the classroom results, and students have really benefited from seeing other grades interpretation of the theme.

Ms. Jansen asked the Grade 7 students to create an original 3D hero or mythological figure to display in a shoebox. A description and a short story (legend or myth) accompanied each hero, and the students presented their heroes in class. This was a great exploration of imagination and no dolls or action figures were harmed in the making of this project!  Our Grade 2 class made a superhero film – filmed on an ipad and starring, of course, themselves!

Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 classes researched and did projects on Canadian First Nations heroes. Grade 8 students presented their heroes in French.

Our Preschool French Class joined the fun…

Notre thème de la semaine qui était les héros, mythes et légendes, nous a permis de lire les histoires préférés de nos Amis comme la belle au bois dormant, Peter Pan, Aladdin et bien d autres aussi amusantes et imaginatives En arts, ils ont fait des princes, princesses et des fees. Au cercle, nous avons parlé des creations de notre imagination.

Here are some resources that Ms. Russell used in the Grade 5 exploration of the theme: