G6: Travel Through Time Theme – Historical Fiction Assignment


For our Travel Through Time unit, the Grade 6 Class are writing ten diary or journal entries from the perspective of a character living at any point in time in the past.  Here is a snapshot of their assignment:

The first step to writing historical fiction is conducting research to ensure your writing is accurate. You are to:

  • Choose a time and place that you want to write about (ex. Japan, 1700s)
  • Develop a character that you will use to write your diary/journal entries (ex. a 18 year old Samurai)
  • Use Google searches and wikipedia articles to research the time and place that you are writing about
  • Take notes based on your research and write them down on chart paper. You need 15 notes on setting (time and place), 5 notes on your character (age, height, status/occupation, etc), and two sketches (one of your character and one of your setting or an important item)