Dyslexia Heroes

Dyslexia Heroes

St-Laurent Academy offers a research-based proven tutoring program for students identified with a language learning disability or dyslexia; this is offered as individual pull-out tutoring by our Resource team.  Using differentiation and Multiple Intelligences in the classroom allows these bright students to demonstrate their learning. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, and if not properly identified can be very frustrating for students; without the proper accommodations, many dyslexic students struggle and suffer from low self-esteem. At St-Laurent Academy, students with dyslexia are offered level playing fields in order to study and learn in an enriched environment that their bright minds respond well to. Our Resource tutors, Ms. Neu and Mrs. Barnshaw really are heroes – they have changed school for many students, and given them the tools and knowledge to be successful in school, and the understanding that nothing is stopping them!

Here are some other dyslexia heroes to share with your children:

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Dyslexia Myths

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